How much should I charge as an Influencer?

When it comes to pricing influencer campaigns the answer to the question of how much to pay an influencer is simple Ripple. Today’s influencers vary from everyday people to well-known celebrities like Kim Kardashian. This is why prices often vary. However, there are factors that determine what level of of influence you may have some of these factors include:


The platform you intend using for marketing will largely impact the influencer costs. The cost of influencer marketing varies based on the platform and the number of channels to be used. You can see it this way; first, your power of influence varies for each social media platform, and the more platforms equals more influence and more money.


Before you determine how much to pay an influencer for a campaign, you have to evaluate his/her potential reach based on the following. The whole point of influencer marketing is to reach, connect and persuade a wide base of target consumers to use your product or service, making following a major consideration. An influencer with more followers has more reach and charges more.


This is another vital metric used by brands in judging the reach of an influencer. It is easy to buy fake followers, but engagement can’t be easily faked. The more organic engagement a post gets, the more people see the post, and the more the influencer can charge.

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