Everything is moving online, all of our direct experiences with brands and companies are happening on social media. Ripple was built to understand consumer behavior on social media, but what feeds the insights Ripple collects? It begins with us, looking at our own behavior helps us to understand how the larger consumer base might interact with brands and other consumers online. Watching consumer behavior starts with watching how you interact on different platforms. What brands influence your behavior?

Since the day instagram launched it has changed the way we interact with others and brands forever. Now we can make purchases, and sell directly to consumers very easily. We are also bombarded with direct ads in the midst of content we choose to follow. So what influences consumer behavior? It begins with which platform we choose, what people we follow and what content we choose to interact with. 

On Instagram we spend a lot of time on the platform consuming content, liking pictures, commenting under photos and watching stories. With all those interactions we subconsciously consume brands and make decisions based on what the people we follow are doing, wearing and eating. 

When dealing with brand campaign briefs, we always ask ourselves if the strategy would convince us to make strong purchasing decisions or make us loyal to the brand to consider, or purchase the product. If it’s an alcohol campaign we ask, when was the last time I was around a new bottle, a new drink, and what got me to switch or change drink brands, can we replicate those things through the content our influencers create? 

When faced with questions in which the end we always know the answers are held in the real data collected, we find it useful to look at the behavior of our peers, and our own behavior, and combine that with the insights, then we ask ourselves how we act and go from there.

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