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Influencer marketing is getting more complex and we make it simpler. For years, we have been making technology that makes hard things easy.

For Influencers

We create communities around campaigns and brands that lead to success results. The Ripple platform makes you a better influencer by guiding the content creation process using AI technology.

In addition to that Ripple matches you to brands that fall in line with your interests and your current audience online. 

Creating a Ripple profile is free and easy for influencers. There is no minimum following and no commitment when you create an account.

For Brands

Ripple has been making influencer marketing easier using AI technology. Backed by data infused insights we select the right influencers that match your campaign brief to ensure the largest amount of impact for your campaign.

Ripple provides your team with cutting edge tools and analytics to run successful influencer marketing campaigns with the best ROI.

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